Sno-King Speech, In-home Speech Therapy in King County and Snohomish County

Sno-King Speech, In-home Speech Therapy in King County and Snohomish County

Sno-King Speech, In-home Speech Therapy in King County and Snohomish CountySno-King Speech, In-home Speech Therapy in King County and Snohomish County

Testimonials and success stories

C. S., Marysville

We cannot thank Nithya Siva enough for helping our daughter acquire the skills she needed to begin speaking when it became apparent that she was struggling to communicate at around 2 1/2 years old.  Nithya's mobile Speech-Language Pathology Service came to our home for weeks of fun one on one sessions.  Nithya cleverly disguised essential language-building skills in energetic sessions chock full of games, singing, reading and word play.  The most exciting thing we have noticed with our daughter is her confidence in trying to form new words and phrases.  We cannot express enough how wonderful it is for her to have the ability to share her feelings and needs.  Her overall temperament has changed from frustrated, confused and prone to tantrums over her inability to communicate, to playful, confident and eager to interact with others.  We cannot thank Nithya enough for helping our daughter form the words that now define her world and relationships.  Speech therapy has so positively affected our daughter and family that I would urge anyone struggling to help their child communicate to reach out to Nithya!

L.K, Sammamish

My daughter was diagnosed with vocal chord dysfunction in July 2015. We were given two names of therapists that could do the therapy required. One was Children's hospital, and from past experience the time it takes to actually get an appointment is discouraging when your child is sick. The other option was Nithya. I called her, and she was able to come the following week. I also really appreciated her coming to my house. It was so convenient for our family, and having her come to our home cut down a lot in anxiety for my daughter. Nithya was so great with my 10 year old. She is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Nithya. 

J.F., Everett

My family has been fortunate to find Nithya and have her treat my 47 year old brother who suffered a severe TBI a year ago. I am a physical therapist who has worked with comprehensive rehab therapists for more than 20 years and I know how critical a skilled and compassionate SLP can be at this stage in recovery. I have been continually impressed with Nithya’s knowledge, professionalism and resourcefulness while working with him. She has recommended different communication devices for trial and also has access to loaner equipment. She has instructed family, caregivers and several volunteers that work with my brother in how best to communicate with him and carry out SLP related activities. We also appreciate Nithya’s sensitivity to the cost of private pay therapy and her willingness to be flexible with scheduling. My brother has made significant progress while working with Nithya and her creative approach, in addition to her ability to adapt to her patient’s world and tailor therapy accordingly, is unique and one of a kind. 

C.W., Edmonds

Our 14-year-old son has a dual diagnosis of Down Syndrome and Autism, and is nonverbal. Although he has been making great progress in many areas, as he's gotten older he's been dealing with new sensory and behavioral issues. We needed a speech pathologist who could help him to continue to grow in communicative and academic areas, while also helping him to become more comfortable and safe at school and at home.

Nithya has been working with Ethan for a few months so far, building and expanding his ability to communicate with augmentative technology. But she has also been working with me as a parent, providing the guidance I’ve needed to program his communication device with the content that can best assist his communication efforts in school and at home. Although we’re still building upon his skills, we’ve already seen great improvement in his ability to communicate effectively. Nithya has also helped us to make our home routines more structured, which is helping to ease Ethan’s anxiety while relieving some of the sensory and behavioral issues that were becoming so difficult for him. 

As a family, we are extremely grateful for the creative and holistic approach Nithya takes towards treating the complete child. Not only is she expanding Ethan’s communication skills—she’s also getting to know our family well enough to make his home and school life more navigable and comfortable.